about us

Extra Virgin is a neighborhood spot that attracts diners from all across the city. Located in New York City’s West Village, Extra Virgin is “a little gem of a restaurant… with cooking consistently good and the young staff, attractive and efficient” (The New York Times). In addition to deliciously inventive Mediterranean food and a comfortable but energetic dining room, Extra Virgin offers different varieties of extra virgin oils from around the world each night.

about michele

Born and raised in Jamaica, Queens, Michele Gaton has been honing her skills in different aspects of the restaurant industry since graduation from Oberlin College. After four years as general manager at Coffee Shop in New York City, she has finally used her years of experience to fulfill her dream of becoming a restaurant owner. At Extra Virgin, Michele takes charge of the “front of house,” ensuring that every customer enjoys warm and attentive service, a cozy and lively dining room, as well as carefully selected and fairly priced wines.

about joey

Like Michele, Joey Fortunato was born and raised in Jamaica, Queens. After graduating from New York City Technical College with a degree in culinary arts, Joey worked The Manhattan Ocean Club where he was encouraged to study in France. After a year in Paris working at Michelin-rated restaurants, Joey returned to New York City where he worked in some of the city’s best restaurants (La Cite, Picholine and Tribeca Grill) before becoming Executive Chef at Layla, Scarabee, Swissotel the Drake and The Tonic. Finally, in Michele, Joey found the right partner with whom to realize his dream of owning and operating his own restaurant. With Extra Virgin, Joey cooks inventive high-end Mediterranean-style food at approachable prices.

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